I met Jason while I was out shooting street photography this morning. Actually, I first met Parley, the lab, who was making quite a racket outside a deli. Soon after, Jason walked out with some yummy chicken. As they both sat on the steps to eat their snack, I engaged a conversation and soon found out that Jason was dog-sitting his brother’s lab for the weekend. He is not supposed to feed him chicken wings between meals but, what’s an uncle to do? He wants Parley to keep good memories of his visit, and the lab promised not to tell on him when his owner comes back…

valerie jardin photography - Jason & Parley-1valerie jardin photography - Jason & Parley-2valerie jardin photography - Jason & Parley-3valerie jardin photography - Jason & Parley-1

6 thoughts on “Dog-Sitting

  1. Hello Valerie, I love your blog and pics. I have just acquired a Fuji X100 S yesterday and longing to use it. Which black and white mode do you shoot on please?


    • Hi Jane,
      I shoot RAW and process in LR just like I did with my dslr, try the different in-camera B&W options though, they are pretty good. I just like to keep control of the B&W conversion to keep a certain look and feel.
      Have fun with your new camera. I love mine!


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