Beautiful Smiles ~ Happy Gilmore

I photographed another beautiful smile on the most delightful person this morning.  I was doing some street photography after an early meeting downtown Minneapolis when I met Gilmore!  He told me the story behind his pearl glasses: “Because you are the Jewels of my eyes” he said. What a great personality! I love street photography and I could have roamed the streets all day.  Unfortunately the parking meter was running out, I had to get back to work. Glad I met Gilmore!

Valerie Jardin Photography - Gilmore-1

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Smiles ~ Happy Gilmore

  1. I recognize this fellow! I am pretty sure he was on the light rail the Monday morning I left downtown after our workshop, to head to the airport. He had on similar glasses, a white sequinned bowler hat, fancy tie, etc. He was too far back on the train for me to try and get a shot.


  2. another lovely portrait! Valerie, may i know your X100S setting to shot B/W picts? i found your B/W picts are all well taken 🙂


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