Finding A Stage

My Normandy photo workshop ended yesterday in the city of Caen. One of the exercises I encouraged my students to do on this last day was to find a stage and wait for the right people to walk through the frame. This is really good practice to learn to see the right moment and gesture while being ready to press the shutter.

Valerie Jardin Photography - Stage-1Valerie Jardin Photography - Stage-5Valerie Jardin Photography - Stage-6Valerie Jardin Photography - Stage-3Valerie Jardin Photography - Stage-2Valerie Jardin Photography - Stage-4

Find out more about my photo workshops in France by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Finding A Stage

  1. Love these, Val. I think we might even have been there. Enjoy your Paris workshop..we are in the cleaning up stage out West and expecting more snow on Monday.


  2. What a fabulous week we had in Normandy. You are a great teacher Valerie and have an obvious passion for what you do. Thank you for your insight and fervor!


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