Seeing Outside The Postcard Shot

One of the exercises I encourage my photo workshop students to do is to create their own images of iconic landmarks and to stay away from the traditional postcard shots. We all leave on a trip with an image in mind of the places that we will be visiting, and that’s okay! There is no reason why you can’t snap a few traditional shots of the Eiffel Tower for example. It’s only pixels! Now think of other ways you can photograph such an iconic landmark, something a bit more original than the postcard that everyone sees in their mind. One fun way to photograph a famous monument is by shooting its reflection. It can be in a puddle, a shiny car, a window or a rearview mirror. The sky is the limit! Try it next time you’re on vacation. Better yet, practice at home. Every town, even small ones, have their own special place. Now make it your goal to shoot it ‘outside the postcard’. Have fun!

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Paris In The Fall ©Valérie Jardin

Paris In The Fall
©2013 Valérie Jardin

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