Beautiful Smiles ~ The Handsome Barber

This picture was shot at night, at high ISO, through thick glass with lots of distracting reflections on the subject’s face. Does it matter? Not to me! When it comes to street photography the story always wins over the technical aspect of the photograph.

I caught a special moment in time, the genuine smile of a beautiful person who obviously enjoys his job. Those moments are priceless in street photography…

©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Smiles ~ The Handsome Barber

  1. I agree with your statement in Photocomment about the imperfections adding to the mood of the scene, also lends authenticity. Oftentimes, perfection equates to staged, whether real or perceived.


  2. Great capture Valerie, what a wonderful smile he has, he’s full of energy and LIFE!

    Just curious what ISO you used? Did you have to post process in LR to eliminate the reflections?


    • Thanks! The street behind me was dark and I was wearing black so that eliminated some. What’s on the picture is how it was, I don’t mind some reflection, it’s part of shooting through a window after all!


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