Beautiful Smiles Of Strangers – Nolan, The Internet Guy

Yesterday afternoon I posted the following message on FB: You know you’re addicted to photography when a service rep knocks on your door to upgrade your Internet service and the first thing you say is: “You have a nice smile, wait here, I’ll go get my camera!”

Meet Nolan! He knocked on my door yesterday to offer me a deal on a new fiber optics Internet service. I’m always nice with door to door sales people, it’s a tough job and I love talking to them. Nolan had a big genuine smile. I can tell you right away that, with a smile like that, he can make a career in sales if he wants to! Before I let him deliver his ‘elevator pitch’ , I simply asked him if I could quickly make a portrait of him. He was thrilled! And I ordered the new Internet service! 🙂


©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

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