Au Revoir Paris!

As I am getting ready to leave Paris to spend the rest of my vacation on the coast of France with family, the departure is feeling bittersweet. Paris is home. I’ve been very fortunate to come here several times a year lately and the City of Lights is filling my photographer’s heart with joy. I feel like a local in my favorite neighborhood. I discover something new every time I walk its street tirelessly, kilometer after kilometer, camera in hand. Better yet, each time I lead a photo workshop, I help new friends discover Paris through their lens and fall in love with its aura.

Only three months until my next visit to lead another photo adventure, followed by a personal trip over the winter months. Paris is mesmerizing in all seasons but I don’t mind leaving Summer to the tourists for now…

Here are my personal favorite pics from this trip. Which do you prefer?


In my neighborhood... ©Valérie Jardin

In my neighborhood…
©Valérie Jardin

Along the Seine at Ile Saint Louis ©Valérie Jardin

Along the Seine at Ile Saint Louis
©Valérie Jardin

Tango on the left bank of the Seine ©Valérie Jardin

Tango on the left bank of the Seine
©Valérie Jardin

6 thoughts on “Au Revoir Paris!

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    • I agree Steve. I did the workshop last October. Valerie is a wonderful person and a great teacher. She knows Paris very well and takes you to some less touristy areas that are fabulous for street photography. Well worth the time / money / effort to do a workshop with her 🙂


  2. In my neighborhood is my favorite. I love the leading line, the repetition, the leather jacket against the wall and the feeling of someone leaving which relates to your article.


  3. Paris is a fantastic city! I love the second image… “Along the Seine at Ile Saint Louis” … and “Tango on the left bank”… well, I love them all 🙂 “In my neighbourhood” makes me wonder where the woman is going – walking directly towards a brick wall. The movement in “Tango on the Left Bank…” is mesmerising. I think it’s a great capture – just the right amount of movement and the couple in the middle *almost* stationary. This is a nice set 🙂


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