Everyday Paris

I put this little presentation together with some images of Paris captured over the past few months. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Everyday Paris

  1. I LOVE IT! This should be done in every city. It probably is, has been. It’s just exciting to see how most of these people are so blase about where they live, walking near the Eiffel Tower and not even noticing it, stepping from the Louvre into daylight! I don’t mean to insult you but are any of these taken on automatic or do you have the time to actually set the shot up in manual? I’m asking only because I want to try this but for me I think I would have to keep it on auto most times.Thanks for sharing this. You’ve got me all excited to get out and do some street photography this weekend.


    • OK, never mind that question about shooting on auto. I just read your “Traveling With The X100’s” post. How stupid of me! I was just so excited! Sometimes I’m like a little kid. I embarrass myself.


  2. Great shots as always. I think it would be fun to see a second slideshow with all the same photos but in color format. Some of these black and whites left me feeling that Paris is looking dreary, not at all my own experience of Paris.


    • Thanks Kate! The choice of B&W is kind of ‘sacred’. These are to remain in monochrome because that’s how I saw those moments in all four seasons that I was in Paris. I will be doing a color presentation with different images soon though! 🙂


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