Paris En Couleur

You asked, I delivered: Some snapshots of Paris in color on a short video presentation!

When I walk the streets with my camera, the decision whether an image will remain in color or be converted in B&W is usually made before I even press the shutter. I used to shoot film, so that decision was made before I even walked out the door back then… Although most of my work is in monochrome, there are scenes that are all about color and I feel like it would almost be a crime to convert them to B&W. Here is a small selection of Paris in color. I hope you enjoy it!

7 thoughts on “Paris En Couleur

  1. You really capture the spirit of Paris (in both mediums) and bring to life for those of us stuck here in the US for the present. Thank you! Hope to join one of your classes in the not too distant future!


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