When Your Vision Becomes Reality

As photographers, we are constantly scanning around us for photo opportunities. I drove under this pedestrian bridge many times. A quick stop to get the shot is not an option as it crosses over the highway and the light rail. I knew I had to make a special trip to find the best access to position myself below it and away from oncoming traffic. It was a stormy evening last week and I had the urge to finally get the shot, or at least make a first attempt at it. I had also just received the new Fuji XT-1 and wanted to take it out for a spin…

A heavy downpour was threatening and bicyclists on the bridge were scarce. At least I had found the best way to access it for the next time, but I was determined to get at least one decent shot that night.

I was envisioning a very minimalist image. The bridge taking center stage and the human element as a silhouette very small in the frame. I also envisioned some motion blur for added effect. I was ready!

This first shot is exactly the image I had envisioned each time I drove by that bridge. The bridge is the main subject, but the image is only complete with the human figure which draws your eye immediately. I was satisfied but not thrilled. It was okay for a first attempt, I guess.


©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin


I almost left after this shot because I wanted to stay dry and the sky was more and threatening. Then I decided to get a bit closer and try another frame if, by chance, another bicyclist would enter my stage…

AND there he was! The guy with the unusual bowler hat. Forget the previous shot, I knew I had a much stronger subject in this second one and a better composition as well.


©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

When you envision a shot at a certain location for quite a while, it is not unusual to postpone the satisfaction of getting that shot for weeks or months. Why, you may ask? Because now that location is ruined for me, I will never be as happy with another shot as I was with the silhouette of the bicyclist with the bowler hat. It’s very bittersweet and, if you are a photographer, you know exactly the feeling. But it’s part of the game. The hunt for another a great backdrop is on and it’s all part of the fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment below if you did!

7 thoughts on “When Your Vision Becomes Reality

  1. I can relate Valerie with having that vision of what you want to create and yet waiting to create that image, especially when there are elements beyond our control (weather, people, environment) and we must be patient and revisit the scene for the proper conditions and elements to come together.


  2. I know how you feel. I was in Charleston and there is a fabulous bridge I wanted to take a picture of but I was driving and no way to stop!! As I was visiting for a few days only, I never got a chance to go back and see how I could take the pictures I had in mind… one day I’ll go back…


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