Street Focus


In case you haven’t heard the news yet, I started hosting my very own podcast Street Focus: An Ongoing Exploration of Urban Photography. I invite you to listen to this new weekly show which is part of the popular TWiP (This Week in Photo) network. The podcast is free for download on iTunes and you can also sign up to receive it via email (the audio is available on the show notes each week).



Also, I’ve added some workshops for 2015: A weekend of street photography in Paris in January, a week in Rome in April and a week in Paris in May and a weekend in Minneapolis in June. I hope to meet some of you during a photo adventure in 2015! To read my latest newsletter you can click here. To receive updates, please sign up here.


3 thoughts on “Street Focus

  1. Valerie;

    Do you have any plans yet for 2016? It will take me awhile to get financial means for going to one outside US. My job situation has drastically changed. Are there other cities in the states besides Minneapolis and New York that you think of doing a workshop? Chicago, San Diego, Maine, Alaska?

    Sincerely, Cathy Laska


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