Ordinary Objects are Beautiful ~ Take The Challenge

I like simple. I find ordinary objects beautiful. I love abstract and minimalism and I find it hard to resist grabbing shots throughout the day of things that most people don’t even notice. 

Here is the challenge:

Starting this week, I will post one new photograph each week of an ordinary object on social media and publish the pics collected each month on a blog post. Who wants to join me in this challenge? 

Here are some random images I shot in recent months to serve as inspiration…

14 thoughts on “Ordinary Objects are Beautiful ~ Take The Challenge

  1. Hi Valerie,

    Have a nice day!

    I am Kirk Cornelio from Cebu, Philippines.

    I wish I could go with you someday in your street photography session. These pictures are awesome even though they are ordinary objects. You inspired me about this one.

    Take care and God bless always.

    Keep shooting!

    Kirk Cornelio


    • I had thought of making it limited to household items but this is challenging for a lot of people and I wanted to make it more appealing to start with. Now it’s up to each photographer to tailor the challenge to their needs.


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