Just For Fun ~ A Short Story

I haven’t done children portraiture in years, and I do NOT miss it. I’ve paid my dues, I even had my own studio for a while. I enjoyed it for a while but I didn’t love it 100%. Life is too short to be stuck doing something you don’t love. I moved on! 

That said, I like kids and they usually like me.

When I was at the WAM last Saturday working on my “Museum Goers” project, I followed this family around for a while and photographed them candidly (hey, I’m a street photographer, that’s what we do!) I had fun watching the mom trying to gather them to do a family portrait. They were not cooperating, to say the least. I engaged her in a conversation and told her that your own children are usually your toughest subjects. We chatted for a while and I offered to take a couple of snapshots of them in a large room with nice window light, just for fun! They posed nicely for me instantly for the first pic (their mom was very surprised how cooperative they were!) Then I told them that they were a bit too serious and to act silly again, and I framed the second shot (I think that one of them will be an actress soon!) I emailed the mom the high res images today. She and her husband were thrilled and I was happy to make someone happy. And I keep a fun memory of my museum encounter on Saturday afternoon. Win-win! 🙂

And I guess they could have very well been a part of my Beautiful Smiles of Strangers series which I just completed!

Shot with the Fuji x100s

©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

5 thoughts on “Just For Fun ~ A Short Story

  1. I fully agree with you Valérie. I have 3 grandchildren and the best pictures of them are the ones when they are not aware that you are taking pictures (is that like street photography…) or if they are being asked to let go some “folie”.


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