Ordinary Objects Are Beautiful Challenge ~ November

When I published the Ordinary Objects Are Beautiful Challenge blog post a few weeks ago, I had no idea that so many photographers where going to take it. Today I see ordinary objects popping up on my stream all week long and from all over the world! It’s never too late to join the fun. What ordinary object are you going to make beautiful this week?

Here are my November pics:

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Objects Are Beautiful Challenge ~ November

  1. Hi Valerie!Love this ordinary objects challenge. How did I miss it before???? You suggested posting it to social media but didn’t specify any one in particular. How would one join in with the others on this? This sounds like a fun way to force me to shoot more on a regular basis. I’m getting rusty! Also, I am contemplating a 10 day workshop in Tuscany this summer – learning to do platium printing the ancient way and working on a platium print portfolio. Will you be in Normandy/Paris anytime in July? The workshop runs from June 25 – July 4. I figured while I was in Europe, it would be an easier hop over to France and explore there while I’m overseas. I’m hoping the timing and funding will all work out. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!Diana 


    • Hi Diana!
      This challenge is not monitored, it’s just for fun. Post on social media, blog, etc. Share the link to the original post!
      Your trip sounds fun. I will be in France in July but it’s family vacation time. The only month without workshops!


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