The Importance of Remaining Invisible

A street photographer should be able to remain as invisible as possible in order to capture a candid moment without disturbing it. Street photography also requires anticipation and patience. It’s also important not to grab the shot and walk away, other opportunities may develop within seconds to give you another moment in time well worth immortalizing with your camera. This happened to me twice this week while I was roaming the streets of St Paul with my camera. Both times I spotted interesting subjects, grabbed the shot I envisioned and a second one within minutes. Both story telling images that can stand together or on their own.

The Christmas Kiss was an obvious choice of a scene I could not possibly walk by without photographing. Not only the snow had just started to fall in beautiful Rice park, but couples kissing in public in the Midwest is a rare enough occurrence in itself to miss!

I got my shot. Then, within a minute, the couple walked away and I had my second shot.


©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin


Then yesterday I was walking through Union Depot with my sons when this woman walked right in front of me through the most beautiful light and shadow pattern a photographer could dream of! I caught her walking out of the frame, which I liked even better as it creates a certain tension in the overall composition. Seconds later, I saw her standing in front of the large windows over looking the railroad tracks and I framed another shot. Happy photographer!

I need to point out that those subjects worked particularly well too because they were elegant and well dressed. Not everyone makes an interesting silhouette. I felt, for a moment, that I was in Paris…


©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin

©Valérie Jardin



4 thoughts on “The Importance of Remaining Invisible

  1. Great shots. Did you shoot the kiss from the hip or look through the viewfinder? What would you have said to them if they ‘caught’ you taking their picture?


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