Wishing You A Beautiful New Year!

2014 was a fantastic year! I put this little video for you of some of my 2014 street photographs of Paris, the Normandy Coast, Melbourne, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis and more.

Warm Wishes for a Beautiful New Year in 2015!




5 thoughts on “Wishing You A Beautiful New Year!

  1. A lovely retrospective – tasteful, elegant, clean. So many fine shots – congratulations for bringing so much pleasure and joy to those that you met through 2014. May I ask two questions that came to mind when watching the video? What do you use to convert your images to B&W? And more interestingly, what goes through your mind to drive the decision as to whether you produce a color or B&W processed image? Is it a conscious, reasoned process, or is it a very quick gut decision?

    Hoping you have a happy and healthy 2015 … MomentsForZen (Richard, Canberra, Australia)


    • Thank you Richard! I work in Lightroom exclusively. I usually know if an image will remain in B&W or if the color is the subject. It is usually a gut instinct but at times it’s strategic and removing the color will remove a distraction from the main subject. I tend to see in B&W and sometimes both work very well by giving a different mood. There are images that are all about color and the decision is always obvious to me. Happy New Year!


      • Thank-you for sharing these insights into your tools and processes. Much for me to ponder … such as “I tend to see in B&W”.


  2. And a Happy New Year to you as well! Thank you for filling my inbox with wonderful images and insightful comments. They are a welcome break from the other stuff that is in there. May 2015 be a wonderful year for all photographers!


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