Je Suis Charlie

I was far from home when the horrific events took place at Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7. It was really difficult to resist taking the first flight home, I wanted to be with my people. I travelled to Paris two weeks later and felt compelled to visit the site of the heinous crime that shook the world. After I left Charlie Hebdo, I made my way to Place de la République trying to hold back my tears.

It was one of the most emotional moments I had ever experienced.

Je Suis Charlie!


Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-1Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-17Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-9Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-15Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-22Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-21Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-19 Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-7 Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-6 Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-3 Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-2Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-13Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-10Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-14Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-18Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-11Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-20Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-24Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-23Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-25Valerie Jardin - Je Suis Charlie-1

9 thoughts on “Je Suis Charlie

  1. Such a senseless loss of life – and creative lives. Your images honor those lives and the freedom of expression they have come to stand for. It warmed my heart so very much to see the unity of response to this act of terrorism, and, in the end, it may be the secret to good triumphing over evil. God Bless.


  2. It certainly was a sad few days for Paris and France then. But wasn’t good how Europe came together… Great post Valerie super photography in a journalistic way.
    Je suis Charlie aussi..


  3. Words & pictures are what we use to communicate. How else do we shine a light on the truth? Of course they can also be used to pervert the truth. Ah, the fine art of discernment.


  4. The whole world was shaken and saddened by what happened. It is so hard to understand how people can be so cruel and evil. These are ver emotional images you have presented. Thank you for sharing them.


  5. Valerie,

    My heartfelt condolences to you and your countrymen. I was living in Washington,DC when the aircraft that was part of the 9-11 attacks crashed into the Pentagon. At first there is a sense of how could this happen and then the horror of it all sets in followed by a deep sadness. Many people around the world share in the loss you are experiencing. Thank you for sharing these photographs. It’s a form of therapy.

    Take care

    Gerry Suchy


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