Four-Legged Street Friends

Cats and dogs have always played a large part in street photography, since the early days of the genre. They continue to inspire street photographers who work on projects that always include dogs for example. Such projects can be so rewarding and fun. Pets often bring an element of humor as well.

I always tell my students who want to approach strangers in the streets to make a portrait, to go for dog owners first. They almost never refuse to be photographed with their beloved four-legged friend and complimenting their pet is always the best ice-break in street portraiture.

He is a small collection of cats and dogs that have entered my frame in recent years. Click on the first pic to view them as a slide show.

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9 thoughts on “Four-Legged Street Friends

  1. Absolutely GREAT ! I am happy to discover your pictures thanks to DPS 😉
    Congratulations ! I love to take pictures from dogs in the streets, also in paris, but your’s are WONDERFULL!
    Nathalie, from BRUSSELS 😉


  2. Could not get it to work as a slide show. I clicked on the Dalmatian photo but that
    did not seem to work. Any other strategies et Bon Jour de Paques.


  3. You are inspiring me more and more with every next photograph!
    Every photograph is full of sence and just picturesque!
    If someone see your photos,they will not forget them!…
    Thank you for such amazing trip you present to us with every you work!
    Continue in this way!Good luck!Your works are worth to be spreaded and world famous!


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