Canadian Silhouettes

I just spent the weekend in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. It was a personal trip, not a photography one. Of course the camera is never left behind, but during those trips I only grab a shot here and there without taking too much of my precious family time. Since I just returned from Italy and I am heading to Paris shortly, I wasn’t yet suffering from photography withdrawal. But I enjoyed focussing my attention on capturing silhouettes and collected these few images…

First I grabbed this iPhone shot through the car windshield while driving on the highway (no worries, I was in the passenger seat).

©Valerie Jardin

The first evening we explored an area of Winnipeg called The Forks, the light under the railroad tracks made for some really cool contrasty images.

©Valerie Jardin

©Valerie Jardin

While visiting the amazing Canadian Museum for Human Rights, I spotted a few more interesting silhouettes.

©Valerie Jardin

©Valerie Jardin

©Valerie Jardin

Did I mention that I was staying at the famously haunted 100-year-old Fort Garry Hotel? No ghost sightings but this gentleman seemed to have stepped out of a different era when I saw him waiting for the old elevator.

©Valerie Jardin

I hope you enjoyed this series of Canadian silhouettes. Please leave a comment. Thank you!

Valerie 🙂

16 thoughts on “Canadian Silhouettes

  1. Comme d’habitude, merveilleuses prises de vue !
    Tout ce que j’adore, simple et plein des contrastes et d’émotion
    Merci pour les partager avec nous!
    Bonne continuation…


  2. Love your photos. Question – I attended a photo class recently and the instructor recommended Siver Efex
    pro2 for B&W conversions. What is your favorite?


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