State Fair Moments

Every year the Minnesota State Fair marks the end of summer. It’s not a big fan of the fair, I don’t care for large crowds or fair food. But it’s a family tradition and I go for a few hours every year. To give you an idea of the size of this event, know that nearly two million visitors attend the fair every year, it covers an area of 320 acres and employs about 2500 people for 12 days. It’s massive!

Last year I only carried my iPhone, this year I brought the Fuji X100T and grabbed a few shots while out with the family. It was fun and I will definitely make a point of coming an extra time just for some photography next year. Here are a few shots I grabbed mostly outside the horse barn and later in the Midway. The rest of the time, the camera was in the bag and I was simply enjoying family time 🙂

Click on the first pic to see them larger.

9 thoughts on “State Fair Moments

  1. I really like the first shot of the girl on the horse it’s a beautiful image! You have captured a very good series of B&W images Valérie I look forward to seeing some more.


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