Au revoir 2015, Bonjour 2016!

Wow, 2015 was another amazing year! 

Among other things, I taught nearly 10 international photo workshops, spoke at several conferences (including Photo Plus Expo in NYC). I hosted my podcast Street Focus every week (now at episode #67!) and became an official USA Fujifilm X-Photographer…  I also wrote many articles for dPS and, more recently, for DigitalRev magazine and published 44 posts on this blog. I also had an active presence on several social media platforms and finally joined Instagram!  

Lots of new exciting things coming in 2016… Stay tuned!

This year I had the privilege to roam the streets of  Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Dallas, Austin, Indianapolis and more. Here is a collection of pics from many of those places.

Thank you for your continued support. I wish you an amazing 2016.

Remember to Play, Love and Laugh a lot! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Au revoir 2015, Bonjour 2016!

  1. Thank you Valerie, I’m sure there are many of us hiding in cyberspace, watching, listening, learning and loving your work and those who are associated with you, all the best for this year too. Thanks from the land down under.


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