Paris Stories ~ Part 3

On a typical day with my camera, in Paris or elsewhere, I go out empty and let the street surprise me.  There are stories happening all around us. As street photographers, it’s our responsibility to see them and immortalize them in a frame.

Paris speaks to me, it revealed a few secrets to me in January when I was roaming its streets with my little camera.

Here are a few of those stories captured in a single frame, I hope you enjoy them…

©Valerie Jardin - cafe-1

A typical day in Paris for me always starts at the café with my camera.

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -11

Then I let the street surprise me with stories along the way.

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -3

Rue des Rosiers

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -2

French elegance knows no age…

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -1

Many beautiful people in Paris…

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -4

Music on the streets, even in the winter.

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -6

Cigarette and attitude

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -14

A moment of tenderness after school homework. Seen through the window of a cafe…

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -13

Passionate conversation on market day.

©Valerie Jardin-1

In step

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -9

Making choices… Push-ups or e-cig 😉

©Valerie Jardin-2


©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -8

Night reader

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -24

The intriguing play of reflections.

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -10

Mirrored image.

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -15


©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -23

Making an exit…

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -18

Of course no sunny day would be complete without a few silhouettes… Feet and more feet!

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -25

Mysterious hallway

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -17

A story of bicycles.

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -19

Paris shadows.

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -12

And dancers kissed by the sun…

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Life -5

Downstairs… In my home away from home.

In case you missed them , here are Part 1 and Part 2.

Also, people often ask me a whether the people know they are being photographed or not. Although I am very close to them, I remain invisible as much as possible. Most of the time they do not know they are being photographed. The point is not to disrupt the story and ruin the shot. If they notice me after I take the picture, I simply explain to them that I am a street photographer and I am capturing slices of everyday life on the streets. They are usually very flattered by it.

I make a point to never photograph anyone in a embarrassing or vulnerable situation. It’s all about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and respecting my subjects at all times.  None of these images were staged in any way or they would not qualify as candid street photographs…

Thank you for visiting, I hope you take a moment to leave a comment below.

37 thoughts on “Paris Stories ~ Part 3

  1. Valerie – I love these pictures, I love your minimalist approach and that you use your photos to tell such rich stories. You represent what we yearn to do with our photography – capturing a moment in time – I think why you say you avoid burst mode and other techniques. You get that moment or you don’t – there is risk but when you get it – oh the joy. I enjoy your podcasts as well. Keep sharing and casting – photography needs teachers like you!


  2. Wonderful storytelling with each image. I so enjoyed the October workshop and wish it had been the full week! I am working on a book of images made during this trip-love revisiting this special city and its people. Shooting B&W, being in the moment, capturing unguarded moments of connection…you continue to inspire, thank you!

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  3. I have moved to a new city and you inspire me to go exploring with my camera. I see what you mean about not publishing any picture that embarrasses, etc. I hope one day to be able to buy a camera with a silent shutter so I won’t give myself away all the time!

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  4. Wonderful images. I am so inspired by your work and because of it, I greatly look forward to my photowalks and what I might find. In fact, I just returned from Paris this morning. BTW: Concerning focusing…have you experimented with the Face Detection feature of the x100T when you are shooting from the hip and not looking through the viewfinder? Also, do you ever use the High/Low speed shooting modes instead of the Single image mode when you are not bringing the camera to your eye?

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  5. Hello Valerie, your photos remember me to an wonderful weekend and showed exactly my feelings. Your workshop was so extraordinary good, because It was so interesting and informative to see, how you work and how much you see fotographicly. Again, thank you for all your advice, it was so helpful for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the nice comment Christof! I keep very fond memories of the camaraderie of the January group. The only regret is that it was a weekend workshop and not a full week! It is so good to hear that you left with renewed vision and inspiration.
      Au revoir, until we meet again!


  6. Valérie – wonderful photos! I discovered you via your podcast, and you’ve been inspiring me to dabble more in street photography. I’m also an X100-based photographer – I rolled with the original X100 for a little over four years and just upgraded to the X100T.

    Keep up the lovely work!


  7. I was just going to ask you about whether they see you shooting at such close range. I had a similar opportunity to photograph a young couple sitting across from me at a cafe, but it was almost impossible to raise the camera from the table without eyes noticing!

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  8. You know for the last three weeks I have been shooting and reading and deleting and reading and shooting and maybe I am beginning to see. Your pictures…….I have a ways to go.

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