The Streets of San Francisco in Classic Chrome

I rarely shoot more color than B&W on any given week, but last week I saw a colorful San Francisco and I had a lot of fun with Classic Chrome once again. There will be a B&W post following this one. Some cities call for more color than others!

Enjoy and please leave a comment below, thanks for visiting 🙂

Seen in Chinatown…

©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-5©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-6©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-17

Seen near the Contemporary Jewish Museum…

©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-8

©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-9

Seen on Market Street…

©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-1

Seen on the cable car…

©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-2©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-1©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-3©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-4

Seen near Union Square…

©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-16

Seen in the Fort Mason neighborhood…

©Valerie Jardin - SF ClassicChrome-1

16 thoughts on “The Streets of San Francisco in Classic Chrome

  1. Excellent, creative photos. I love how unique the shots are. I like the girl with the mannequins, and the man looking through the green glass. And the propped up shoes – nice catch.


  2. Very nice. You should shoot more color, though, as the world out there is in color after all. Don’t get me wrong, I love B&W too, but I’ve always felt that it doesn’t apply to every scene out there. Particularly liked the photo with the man wearing the red scarf. That red, and the perfect match to the colors on the street, definitely made the photo.


    • Thank you Eric! I may add that the world being in color has nothing to do with my decision as a photographer/artist. My philosophy on color vs. B&W is simple: If the color doesn’t add to the story then it often becomes a distraction. These images are in color because it is the color that makes them stronger. I do not believe that one’s body of work should be all color or all B&W. This is a decision that the discerning photographer needs to make before pressing the shutter. I hope this helps 🙂


  3. I love your photos! Listening to your podcast and seeing your blog posts really inspired me to get a x100t and start shooting the streets of Montreal.
    I was wondering, do you post-process your pictures a lot or these images are straight outta X100T ?


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