Timeless San Francisco

You just saw a selection of color pics from my recent trip to San Francisco. Here is a selection of B&W images from the same trip. The choice of color or B&W is never random. It is a decision that you should make before you press the shutter, even if you shoot with a digital camera. If the color doesn’t add to the story but risks instead of becoming a distraction from your subject, then B&W may be a better choice. Think of it as an exercise in becoming a more discerning photographer.

So which do you prefer, the colorful or the timeless San Francisco? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

All photographs made with the Fuji X100T.

©Valerie Jardin - SF B&W-1©Valerie Jardin - SF B&W-2©Valerie Jardin - SF-1©Valerie Jardin - SF-3©Valerie Jardin - SF-2©Valerie Jardin - SF-5©Valerie Jardin - SF B&W-4©Valerie Jardin - SF B&W-4©Valerie Jardin - SF B&W-2©Valerie Jardin - SF B&W-5©Valerie Jardin - SF B&W-1©Valerie Jardin - SF B&W-1


15 thoughts on “Timeless San Francisco

  1. I am quite a fan of your B&W interpretations, so selecting these over your (or most other photog’s ) color images is easy.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiration.


  2. I really like B&W but I always favour colour. I’m a big, big fan of colours, the impact, the contrast, the mood they provide, etc…
    I sometimes believe that b&w is a bit of a cover up for bad photography. Photographing anyone in any place will often produce interesting images in B&W even if there is no real meaning to them. In colour, I find an image has to be meaningful.


    • Here it is! 🙂 Thanks for your patience Ludo!
      Interesting point of view and one that I have heard before, but usually from photographers who have never shot film. I think that the digital age has made photographers lazy in the way that they are less discerning. If the only reason one would make their pic B&W is to make them more interesting is obviously not very discerning.

      The approach should not be any different today than it was when you decided on a roll of color or monochrome before heading out on the streets. A photographer should look for (and see) entirely different subjects and situations in color than in B&W. And honestly, a boring photograph will be boring, not matter what magic filter to try to put on it.

      That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for visiting Ludo!


  3. I am always pleased when I get the email alert for your images because I know it will be an artistic bright spot in my day. Both the BW and color are wonderful. But, I admit to being partial to your BW.

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  4. Hi Valerie:

    I like both your SF portfolios (and love your work in general!). However, if I had to chose one SF set over the other, it would be the B&W. The picture of the man in the alley with the sun off to the left is awesome!

    All the Best,


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  5. Valerie, I like both series of images. The color series is wonderful, and (in my opinion) the colors definitely do add to the story/scene. The B&W’s are definitely classic, and I love them too ! ! !

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