On the Streets of Seattle and Vancouver


Before I take you to Italy, I want to share a few snapshots I collected while on a trip to Seattle and Vancouver last week. It was a family vacation, not a photography trip. So I didn’t shoot as much as I normally would, but the camera is always with me and I grabbed a few images along the way…

The first couple of days in Seattle were extremely blustery and mostly cloudy. Not much rain though. But I would not want to visit Seattle and only see sunshine anyway! Once we arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. I focussed my attention at capturing shadows and silhouettes on the streets.

Here is a collection of pics, shot with the X100T or the X70. The colors are in-camera Fujifilm Classic Chrome film simulation, the rest as in-camera B&W film simulations as well. All shot in Jpegs.


©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-1

A peaceful Seattle morning…

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-2

I could not miss the infamous Gum Wall in Post Alley.

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-2

Evening rain storm through the window and screen of our Seattle apartment. I always love a natural screen when I can find one!

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-2

This was happening while we visited the Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington.

And now some B&W images…

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-4

Clotheless in Seattle…

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-5

He was an interesting enough character that I followed him for two blocks…

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-6

…down the steep hills of Seattle

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-8

Until the wind almost blew his hat, but unfortunately he caught it just in time!

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-10

The sun came out at the right moment as I looked down the Grand Staircase at UW.

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-11

I then saw this man window shopping downtown.

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-13

In Vancouver now…

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-14

Silhouette of a shopper.

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-16

Silhouette of youthfulness.

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-17

Airborne in Vancouver!

©Valerie Jardin - Seattle and Vancouver-29

No sunny day would be complete without a late afternoon sunburst…

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Valérie 🙂

18 thoughts on “On the Streets of Seattle and Vancouver

  1. so happy i stumbled upon this. i love that you followed a gentleman two blocks to snap those b&ws. street photography (and photographing strangers) is my forever battle when i’m in a new place or with new people. thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Bonjour Valerie! Greetings from Australia.
    I stumbled across your website as I was searching for streetphotography. You have amazing work and I really like your photography style. Your photos are truly exceptional and very inspiring. I use both Fuji X100s and Leica MP240 as my gears.

    Would you be conducting any workshop in Australia in the near future? All the best for you!


  3. Bonjour Valerie,

    I would like to take some time to thank you for your wonderful posts and videos online. In a testament to the fact that there is always something new to discover in this world and on the internet, I stumbled upon your Youtube channel after watching one of the endless “gear” videos where Karen Hutton was being interviewed.

    I started watching your top 10 tips to be a street photographer, and spent the next hour watching all of your “Hit the Street” videos. What a wonderful job you have done. You talk about your photographic technique which is about interaction and capture. I love your explanations, in plain terms about the how and why of your technique. Your explanation of BW over Color, or when color is ok in street photography is spot on.

    I am not a street photographer, but always aspire to try. I live in a city where there is rarely anything happening on the street, so… I look forward to living vicariously through your work.



  4. These are great photos Valerie! Looks like you found some fun locations to photograph. I love all of them, but my two favorites are the windblown man and the airborne boy. Are you finding that X70 is better for your shooting style / focal length or do you still prefer the X100? Take care.


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