Postcards from Rome ~ My day off

The workshop starts today! It’s always exciting to meet a new group of 10 participants with whom I am going to spend a week. There are usually a few good friends in the group, students that I met for the first time two or three years ago and who follow me around the world on various adventures. This week they come from Australia, Canada, The United States, The UK and Belgium. Seven of them have already participated in one or more more workshops with me. I’ve had hundreds of workshop participants in the past few year and so many of them have become life-long friends. It is really the most heart warming experience.

The best part: We all share the same passion for photography and adventure!

Yesterday was my day off. I don’t always have a day to wander before a workshop. I usually land and start teaching right away. This time I decided to take a few extra days on both ends. I was really surprised at how familiar the city felt right away. I wandered the same old streets as if I had never left. 

My good friend Ken Lyons had arrived from Australia the night before so we met for cappuccino at nearby Campo De Fiori. I hadn’t seen Ken since my Melbourne workshop 2 years ago. He had also participated in my Paris and Normandy workshops before that. We’re old friends now! It was really fun to meet again and we set out to get lost on purpose with our cameras in hand. A few minutes later I heard someone call me name and it was Judy from Vancouver who had just landed with Cindy from Detroit and were having breakfast at an outdoor cafe. We joined them.

Later in the afternoon we met up with my good friend and travel photographer Ugo Cei who had travel from Milan that morning. Ugo also came for a visit last April during my last visit. We had been online friends for a few years and had talked on Skype many times, it’s always so fun to finally meet virtual friends in person! Karen Hutton met up with us and we walked all afternoon with our cameras and had a late dinner at a lovely restaurant on Isola Tiberina, the island located on the Tiber river. We parted ways close to midnight after a day of great conversations, many good laughs… and some photography too! 

The photograph below was shot during lunch. I always try to pick a table that will give me photo opportunities during the meal, inside or outside. It’s easy to do when you are having lunch with a photographer friend. I must that I am guilty of doing the same thing with non photographers as well… The camera is an extension of me, you really can’t take it away. Plus, I shoot with very small camera, it’s unobtrusive and doesn’t even make a sound!

Several interesting people walked through my frame between pizza bites. This father and son duo, in step and identically dressed, definitely made the cut!

Shot with the Fuji X100T in Classic Chrome with its 23mm lens.

©Valerie Jardin - father and son-1

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