Postcards from Rome ~ Love

LOVE! I love what I do!

I met my group of 10 photographers yesterday. After a two hours presentation in the conference room, we went on our first photo walk and ended the day eating outside at a very friendly restaurant off the beaten path. 

Everyday I spend 1:1 time wandering the streets with one or two students while the others disperse within an interesting location. Then we all regroup, I work with one or two other students, etc. And that’s how the week works, with a day of critique sessions half way through. 

Today we spent hours in one of my favorite neighborhoods: Trastevere. We all stopped for lunch and enjoyed local cuisine Al Fresco on a pedestrian street while grabbing a few shots between bites… Everyone is relaxed, making new friends and enjoying what they love most: Making pictures!

I photographed this silhouette of two lovers in Trastevere this morning using my X100T and the TCL, I positioned the camera on the ground. Still in Classic Chrome 🙂

©Valerie Jardin - Rome-6

See more photos from this trip on FB and Instagram and if you enjoy it, please leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting!

16 thoughts on “Postcards from Rome ~ Love

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  2. Ahhhhhhhh, i feel the smel and the breath of Rome. I mis the city a lot. Perhaps next month for a week. Trastevere is the best place to stay. Went there last year for 6 days. Love it. Enjoy you workshop Valerie and place more pictures. Cheers, Robert

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