Postcards from Rome ~ Not Just a Bicycle

It’s Tuesday and time is already going by too fast. We walked for 5 hours today. We started along the Tiber river and wandered through the colorful narrow streets of Roma.

Everyone is taking a break mid-afternoon to go through their images, making a first selection to present at their mid-week critique session tomorrow. Those who still have some energy we join me tonight again and capture life on the streets at dusk and at night.

This afternoon I was working with a student on a narrow street near Via dei Coronari. I was pointing out to him that the color and texture of the wall matched this beautiful bicycle parked by a window. It was a nice shot in itself, but it was missing some life. This little dog walked by and made the photograph. Streets photography is not only about people. Dogs count too! 🙂

This was definitely a Fujifilm Velvia moment, shot with the X100T. Note that NO contrast, vibrance or saturation was added, this is how vibrant the streets of Roma actually are! 

©Valerie Jardin - Rome-13

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