Postcards from Rome ~ Italian Elegance

It’s individual critique session day! I just spent the morning with half the group, going through a selection of their photographs, commenting on what worked and what didn’t, discussing their strengths and weaknesses. The 1:1 critique process should be always a constructive and positive experience. It’s not about correcting the image we are looking at, but pointing out potential mistakes that the can fix the next time they hit the streets. 

I will spend the afternoon with the other half. Each student attends the critique session of their friends as well as their own, thus enhancing the learning experience.

I always look forward to the mid-week sessions, listening to each student share their experience and the story behind each photograph they are presenting. I saw a few this morning that I would love to hang on my wall. That’s so gratifying for a teacher!

Now for the postcard… When you are in Rome, you can’t help but notice the elegance of men and women of all ages. They make wonderful subjects in street photography. Very much like the French in general, Italians take care of their appearance and embrace their age. 

This gentleman caught my eye by the elegant dance-like motion in which he stepped down from where he was sitting.

Shot with the Fujifilm X100T in Classic Chrome.

©Valerie Jardin - Rome-3

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