Postcards From Rome ~ Reflection

A photograph is a reflection of who you are. The way you see and capture a scene is unique to you. Some street photographers are in your face, others prefer a more minimalist or anonymous approach. Some photographers prefer an interaction with their subject.

There is no right or wrong way to do this, it all depends on what feels right for you and makes you happy as a photographer. 

The way you photograph also reflects your personality. Respect is my number one priority. I have no problem getting close but I don’t like to provoke. It’s not who I am. I prefer to observe and remain inconspicious in order to capture a truly candid moment. 

Talking about reflection… I shot this photograph today during my lunch break in a full day of critique sessions. By positioning myself slightly left of the mirror, I was able to capture passersby and their reflections in the glass. I was very fortunate that this woman looked in the direction of the mirror at the right time and in the right step.  This moments happen when serendipity meets vision and preparation.  

I was shooting with the Fujifilm X70 and its 18mm lens. The wide angle is really handy on the narrow streets of Rome.

©Valerie Jardin - Rome-1

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6 thoughts on “Postcards From Rome ~ Reflection

  1. Indeed it’s fascinating how one can cultivate their own style of SP and project their personality through their photographs. What is also interesting for me is being able to appreciate these idiosyncrasies in other photographer’s works… That’s a great observation too how preparation and vision can come together with a little help from serendipity to produce a strong image. Inspiring SP seems to reflect this (In fact I have always named ‘anticipation’ as crucial too, but I guess that is subsumed under preparation/vision).

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