Postcards from Rome ~ Seeing the Light

Most students experience something very special on a workshop: They become aware of the light. Being able to see and use light, any light, is a big step in the growth of a photographer. The realization that there is no bad light and that it’s your responsibility as a photographer to make any light work for you is a huge step!

On workshops I always point out to my students opportunities to use challenging light to create stronger images. It adds to the already challenging task of capturing the decisive moment, but makes photo walks so exciting and rewarding!

The story behind this photograph… I was on a side street near the Spanish Steps in Rome when I saw the dappled light on the sidewalk. I immediately saw a great opportunity to make a photograph using the light pattern. The timing was challenging. Not only did it require an interesting subject to walk at the right spot and on the right step, it also had to happen while the light was available. Light is fleeting… Lucky for me, this elderly woman entered my frame, I was prepared to press the shutter at the right time AND she turned her head towards me at that same moment. The connection between the subject and the camera made the shot.

All the pieces fell together in a fraction of a second. And when that happens, you have a VERY happy photographer! 

Show with the Fujifilm X100T in B&W with yellow filter in film simulation.

©Valerie Jardin - Rome B&W-1

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