Postcards from Rome ~ Ciao

The workshop ended last night. It was a busy day. After a morning photo walk, we met again at the conference room for a final presentation of a selection of the students’ images. It was really fun, and I saw many photograph I wish I had taken myself! Being an educator is so gratifying, I am always amazed at the growth and confidence I see in each participant in just a few days. And, for many, year after year as I see them in different workshops around the world.

We enjoyed our good bye dinner at a very special little restaurant called Le Mani In Pasta where authenticity is evident as the staff speaks Italian only. We all parted ways later, with hugs and tears, as a good week with friends should end.

Many are flying home today, with renewed vision and full memory cards.

Fortunately for me, my dear friends Karen Hutton and Ken Lyons are still here and we are going to hit the streets of Rome on this beautiful sunny Saturday and enjoy La Bella Vita.

The story behind the photograph: Before the start of the photo walk yesterday, I spent a few minutes in the Jewish Ghetto chasing the light. I found this great spot where bright light and deep shadows meet and waited for an interesting silhouette to walk through the light. This gentleman with a small cap crossed through the light in a determined stride. What makes this photograph special to me is that nothing times it and it could have very been shot half a century ago.

Shot with the Fujifilm X100T at 23mm.

©Valerie Jardin - Rome silhouette-1

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5 thoughts on “Postcards from Rome ~ Ciao

  1. Fantastic image!
    You make it look so easy, I know from my last few days in Rome that it’s not as easy you’d think despite being a beautiful place.
    The light and shadows are amazing and definitely somewhere to go back to without the children to focus on photography.


  2. Ciao, Valerie, from the airport in Roma! Thank you for an amazing week full of fun, photos and friends! I am so happy to be returning home with so many wonderful memories and a wealth of new ways of “seeing” photographically.


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