Purple Tears in Minneapolis

The news of Prince’s death came like a shock in the entire world on Thursday, April 21st. Even if you are not a Prince fan, you cannot deny his incredible talent and the influence he’s had on the music scene for several decades.

You can imagine the impact the tragic news had in his own city of Minneapolis. The home of First Avenue where Purple Rain was born. Prince put Minneapolis on the music map. Minneapolis is also my second home…

Instead of staying glued to the news, I needed to be with people one Thursday night and mourn the passing of this amazing talent with music, tears and hugs.

I went to First Avenue (the club where Purple Rain was filmed) where a large crowd had gathered to attend an all night music block party that was to take place just hours after the announcement of Prince’s death.

It was an emotional evening. Everyone had a story to share. Prince had touched so many local lives in so many different ways…

I went back to First Avenue on Saturday afternoon. Today, Sunday, Minneapolis is crying purple tears. After visiting the new mural by local artist Rock “Cyfi” Martinez in Uptown, I made my way to Paisley Park Studios several miles away. It was an emotional day, but I needed to document it. My way of dealing with one of the greatest music loss of our generation.

Rest in Peace, Purple Prince… 


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Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life


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