La Pétanque

La pétanque, or Boules, is an old favorite game played in most city parks throughout France. Many take it very seriously and play in leagues several times a week, others play it only during summer gatherings with friends and family. It’s always fun to watch and listen to the interactions between players. The goal is to throw the steel balls as close as possible to the small wooden ‘cochonnet’. Here are a few snapshots from the courts at Jardin du Luxembourg yesterday…

©Valerie Jardin - La petanque-3

©Valerie Jardin - La petanque-5

©Valerie Jardin - La petanque-8

©Valerie Jardin - La petanque-7

©Valerie Jardin - La petanque-1©Valerie Jardin - La petanque-2

Shot with the Fujifilm X100T at 23mm.

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4 thoughts on “La Pétanque

  1. Takes me back to my first trip to Paris 50 years ago. (the first of many) . I’d never even heard of boule before then. I especially like the first picture , though hard to pick one favourite. Your pictures make cities come alive, so that I can almost hear the buzz.


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