Instants Volés ~ Paris

Les instants volés are the precious moments in time stolen in a fraction of a second. Moments that never happened before and will never happen again. It’s the responsibility of the street photographer to immortalize such moments in a respectful way, without disrupting them.

Moments of daily life become powerful in their uniqueness. They tell a story, which is often left for the imagination of the viewer.

Here are a few of those moments of everyday life ‘stolen’ in Paris just a few weeks ago…

©Valerie Jardin-4©Valerie Jardin-9©Valerie Jardin-12©Valerie Jardin-3©Valerie Jardin-5©Valerie Jardin-1©Valerie Jardin-17©Valerie Jardin-21©Valerie Jardin-23©Valerie Jardin-27©Valerie Jardin-37©Valerie Jardin-26©Valerie Jardin-36©Valerie Jardin-35©Valerie Jardin-34©Valerie Jardin-33©Valerie Jardin-32©Valerie Jardin-20©Valerie Jardin-14©Valerie Jardin-13©Valerie Jardin-29©Valerie Jardin-28©Valerie Jardin-7

©Valerie Jardin-19©Valerie Jardin-16©Valerie Jardin-15©Valerie Jardin-25

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©Valerie Jardin-30

14 thoughts on “Instants Volés ~ Paris

  1. Fantastique! You really have a gift at seeing those odd, ironic, special little moments the rest of us let pass by. Hope to one day get the time and copper together at the same tome to take one of your classes!


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