Paris Je T’aime ~ A Photo Exhibit

Last Saturday was the grand opening of my photography exhibit Paris Je T’aime. It was such a successful event! Hundreds of people filled the Mpls Photo Center for several hours on a very hot Minnesota night. It was an evening of art, music, food, wine and great conversations with like-minded people.

My good friend Shawn Bresny put this video together for those of you who could not attend. Please note that we are planning an exhibit closing party on August 26th, I hope to see you there!

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12 thoughts on “Paris Je T’aime ~ A Photo Exhibit

  1. [Oh, what a treat to watch a video that is of the highest standard – please pass on my congratulations to Mr Shaun Bresny for a very stylish video.]

    But for you, Valerie, “congratulations” seems inadequate. I am stuck for superlatives. The industrial look in the gallery space suited your B&W photographs so well. And in your signature dark outfit, you were clearly the photographer and author of the collection!

    And finally, there was an extra bonus revealed in the video – some very good “street” photographs of the patrons and their reactions (antics) whilst being totally absorbed in their assessment of the works on the walls. I shall have to remember that galleries might be a rich environment for observing and recording people when they are in a very relaxed and open mood.

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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  2. Congratulations, Valerie, on the Grand Opening of the exhibit of some of your beautiful images. And more congratulations for choosing the other images being featured. And for clinching a book deal. And for continuing to be an expert, enthusiastic, inspiring teacher for so many of us!

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