Meet me at the fair

Here are a few more miscellaneous snapshots from my visit at the Minnesota State Fair. Contrary to the previous post, the pics below were shot during the day. Enjoy and please leave a comment!









12 thoughts on “Meet me at the fair

  1. I find some of your photographs really amazing but I have to say this post as well as the previous one on Faces in the dark are very underwelming. Which is reassuring in a way to know that we can all take average photos too. And it’s interesting because I’m trying to understand why this set doesn’t work for me? I think there is no message, no story, no interesting moment. Average situations just well composed. I think B&W fools me to believe a photo is great – because b&w gives it this timeless look – but taking photos of people is not enough to call it street photography, it becomes ‘taking snapshots’. So what makes a photo of a daily situation more special than another?

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    • Maybe simply because these are just that: Snapshots. If you are a street photographer, you must know that it is by far the most challenging genre there is and no photographer will have more than 5 or 6 truly pint-worthy images in a year. The rest are just snapshot of ordinary life that moved me because I was there and experienced them. They are not linked in anyways, just stories in a frame that moved me because of the subject or the light, sometimes both. That emotion will be conveyed to some and not others depending on their own life experiences because it is such a personal thing. Thank you for visiting!


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