Les Couleurs de Paris


I just returned from New York yesterday and before I start posting NYC pics on a blog post, I better post the few Classic Chrome pics I shot in Paris last month. In case you missed my last post, Paris Sera Toujours Paris, I definitely see my city in B&W most of the time. Now that I have the beautiful Classic Chrome available as a film simulation, I have been shooting more and more color. Here are a few of my favorite color pics from my September trip. Enjoy!

















18 thoughts on “Les Couleurs de Paris

  1. Wonderful. I particularly liked the juxtaposition of #’s 8 and 9 (i.e., the two women). What a contrast! The first has a look of grim determination and totall concentration. I’m sure that if you had stood in her way that she would have run you over. And then the next woman – unbridled joy and happiness – with all the time in the world to interact with you. Such a contrast!

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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  2. Valerie, your blogs are wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed the issue that came today. I primarily shoot color so I was happy to see that you are trying color out. I do love your B&W photos. Thank your sharing with us! I think my favorite is the barefoot man enjoying the outdoors.

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  3. Stunning photos Valérie 🙂 I love your black & white work, but I can see why you are taking more photos in colour, these are excellent!! I love the woman on the scooter, and of course your featured photo of the guy in the leather jacket 🙂

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