New York City ~ My Other Love ~ Part II

Maybe another reason why I love NYC so much is because, like Paris, I see it mostly in B&W. But I don’t believe that photography should be all color or B&W. The photographer has to let the subject dictate the choice.

Here are a few of the color subjects I saw a few during my New York wanderings last month… If you missed the New York in B&W post, see it here.











17 thoughts on “New York City ~ My Other Love ~ Part II

  1. This is a comment unrelated to photography. Valerie, I hope you have dual citizenship; I wish I did. Right now I would move to France. (Don’t go before next weekend when you are scheduled to be in Berkeley!)


      • Yes, Valérie, you’re right about the subject. Part I is very much about light and shadow and best in BW.
        I guess my reply says more about my emotions – that your color ones speaks NY to me, and your BW Paris seems to Parisian and timeless 🙂 Always love your work.

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