The People of Malcom X Blvd ~ Harlem, NYC

It was my first time walking the streets of Harlem with my camera. I stayed in a small apartment on 136th street, at the corner with Malcom X blvd, also known as Lenox Avenue. I walked along the boulevard for an hour or two each morning over a period of 3 days. The time was short but I headed out each day with my camera set to classic chrome and limited myself to one street only. Harlem is changing rapidly but it still has a gritty feel which is very different from the other boroughs of Manhattan. I’m not shy and I have some streets smarts. I can sense when I need to move on if I feel that people are starting to question my intentions. I always make small talk with locals, anywhere in the world. People in Harlem are extremely friendly and always welcome a conversation and a smile.

It takes a while to get the feel of a neighborhood. I didn’t have the pretension to ‘get’ Harlem in just a few days, but I wanted to share a glimpse of my first experience.























I hope you enjoyed this mini series. Please leave a comment below, thanks!

26 thoughts on “The People of Malcom X Blvd ~ Harlem, NYC

  1. I *love* your Harlem mini-series! As you said in your responses to Ged and Gary, they’re snapshots of ordinary moments off the street — but they still capture the character of the people and the vibe of the place. To my eye, it’s a wonderful and atmospheric collection.


    • Thanks Ged! Per my response to Gary, these snapshots of life on the streets are not meant to be thought provoking. Except maybe the juxtaposition in the last image which, I’m sure, didn’t escape you 🙂


  2. I found these shots less compelling, intimate and compositionally interesting than your usual excellent street work. You say you aren’t shy but I detected a bit of reticence in the work.

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    • Hi Gary! Thanks for the comment. I’m not shy but I’m not stupid either 😉 These are merely observation snapshots of life on one street taken over a total of about 3 hours in 3 days. They are not meant to be a deep analysis of the people or the neighborhood. I am glad that the ‘reticence’ shows, except that I wouldn’t call it that, maybe the respectful distance of an outsider. I would very much like to spend more time there and do an in depth study. That would require weeks and a lot of time spent with the locals, talk about the change happening in the neighborhood, being invited in their homes to complement the project with environmental portraits, etc. That would be awesome. But unfortunately, time is a rare commodity…


  3. I love these images from Harlem Valerie 😀 On Friday you met another one of my friends Patti Fogarty with your Fuji Central Park walk. I was so bummed out that I could not make it in to Manhattan that day but someday whether it’s one of your workshops or photo walks I will get to meet you in person. Maybe I could also convince Stacy and Patti into tagging along also 😀

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  4. Definitely a different feel from the other parts of New York that you have photographed and
    it comes through clearly with both your composition and your choice of subjects.
    Would be interesting to retrace your steps during one of the warmer months.

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