The X100F in Paris

CAUTION: This is not a product review!

I’ve had the privilege to be one of the Beta testers of the recently announced Fujifilm X100F since November. I don’t write reviews, it’s not my style. But there are many good product reviews out there by some of my X Photographer friends. Guys tend to geek out with new gear, I don’t 😉 I can recommend this review from my good friend and former workshop student Ian Mac Donald, a fellow Fujifilm X Photographer in Canada.

The problem with Beta testing is that you can only use the gear ‘in secret’ until the product is announced so I wasn’t able to travel with it much. Thankfully, the X100F was announced the day before my Paris workshop started last week so it accompanied me on the streets of Paris for a few days.

As you know, I was a Fujifilm photographer well before I became an official ambassador in 2015. My love affair with the x100 series started with the S. It was the best camera I had ever owned (previously a Canon 5D Mark II shooter). The X100T surpassed it and, Fujifilm made an even greater product with the X100F. I’m more in love with it than ever!

What makes this camera so special? From my personal experience, it has become an extension of my vision. I don’t even have to think about it, it’s so intuitive that it almost feels like a part of me. The latest version is very impressive. Here are some of the features that I particularly enjoy: The faster auto focus, the added Acros film simulation, the focus joystick, the faster minimum shutter speed in auto ISO, the longer-lasting batteries. It also has the much sought after 24.3 mp X-Trans CMOS III sensor. The improved ISO ceiling of 12,800 (vs. 6,400 on the X100T) wasn’t a big deal for me but some people may find that useful. There is a boatload of other new features that I have yet to use. Remember, this is not a review, only my honest opinion.

So the question is: Should you get this camera? As long as you keep in mind that the only way a new camera will make you a better photographer is if it takes you out to shoot more, then YES! And this may well be the camera that is going to take you on more photo walks because it will also become an extension of you.

Conclusion of my findings: This is one sweet piece of gear. I loved its predecessors but you will find that the jump in improvements from the T to the F is much bigger than it was from the S to the T. The X100F is very noticeably faster and better and I couldn’t be more proud to have had the privilege to be one of the first photographers to experience its magic.

Here are a few sample jpegs taken in Paris this month. The color photographs were shot in Classic Chrome, The B&W were shot in Acros film simulation setting. Very little, if anything, was done in LR, slight exposure adjustment if needed, a tiny bit of straightening and a tiny touch of clarity on the B&W. I must have shot as much in color as I did in B&W this time.

Here are a few of the pics I shot with the X100F during my weekend in Paris…

Paris in Classic Chrome…







Paris in Acros…








This fun lifestyle video clip was shot for Fujifilm USA by photojournalist and friend Dustin Scholl in Minneapolis in November 


31 thoughts on “The X100F in Paris

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  2. I’ve been researching the t and f. I currently shoot xt1, xt2, 16, 35 and 56 (weddings and portraits). I don’t have a 23 yet and thought the x100 series would give me the benefit of an extra body at weddings. The x100t looks good enough, but the battery is what is selling me on the f. I like the idea of not having to worry about two different battery types. I would like to have the same battery type across all my cameras.


  3. The man reading by the window is a great shot. I have been using the X100T for about 18 months. I love it and would love the new version, I just don’t think my wallet is ready 🙂


  4. Bonjour Valérie,
    J’apprécie beaucoup vos photos du X70 et X100F ; conseillerez-vous le changement de matériel vers le X100F ?
    D’ailleurs, vos photos de portraits dans le métro sont superbes, mais comment faites vous pour prendre d’aussi près les personnes ? Sont-elles offusquées ? Comment expliquez vous votre démarche ? Peut être est-ce un sujet que vous avez déja développé dans un de vos posts ?
    J’ai lu de nombreux articles sur la “street photography” mais en pratique, je ne franchis pas ce pas de peur d’être rejetée (ce qui m’est arrivé déja plusieurs fois, d’ailleurs de façon agressive)

    Merci par avance pour vos conseils !


  5. Bonjour Valerie.

    Great shot as usual. The X100F seems to have inspired you even more. The third shot (color photo through the steamed up window) reminds me a lot of Saul Leiter – which can’t be bad, right?

    Best regards


  6. Hello again Valeri, now that Fujifilm is not listening to us … is there a need to replace the x100t with all the power this extraordinary camera has for street photography? I can make 600×400 cm poster with 16mb …. honestly does it make any sense to change? Little kisses


    • The more mp would not be a reason to upgrade in my opinion. I just had large prints from X100T jpegs in a solo exhibit in Minneapolis and they were beautiful! ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ 🙂


  7. I’ve heard that the next Fuji X100G … coming out in 2020 will be perfect with 36MB, new software, X-Trans III, weather protection, two card slots, rotate touchscreen display, the same 23mm optics, and the wct and tcl lenses will have bayonet docking and Contacts ….. in 2024 ……


  8. With sadness I mailed off my X100T as it served me well but so did the X100S.
    Can hardly wait for the X100F to be mailed out by B&H.
    In the meanwhile I can enjoy my xpro2.

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  9. Love this and love your work. I sold all of my Canon gear last March to buy my Pro-2 and some lenses. I’ve been thinking of also having an EDC which would serve as a backup but Fuji just keeps introducing so many models that it’s difficult for me to keep up. Would you recommend that new X100F for this purpose, Valerie? Thanks for all the great work, the podcasts and blogs, and, of course, the photos. I look forward to taking one of your workshops one day. Cheers!

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