From Minneapolis to Chicago

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog. Crazy few weeks…

We celebrated two graduations: Lucas from University, Nathan from High School.

I also wrote a new ebook The Art of Seeing Photographically which will be released in the next few days. I wrote a new article for Fujilove Magazine and I was featured in the German Soul of Street magazine, including the cover pic! I’ve also been busy proofing the typeset pages of my next book Street Photography: The Vision Behind The Lens to be released by Focal Press in New York in two months

I also taught a street photography workshop in Minneapolis and just returned from being a speaker at the Out of Chicago photo conference.  I also recorded quite a few exciting episodes for my weekly podcast Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin.

Here are a few of the pics I’ve collected along the way…


©Valérie Jardin - Mpls-8

©Valérie Jardin - Mpls-6

©Valérie Jardin - Mpls-3

©Valérie Jardin - Mpls-1

©Valérie Jardin - Mpls-9

©Valérie Jardin - Mpls-10

©Valérie Jardin - Mpls-5

©Valérie Jardin - Mpls-2

©Valérie Jardin - Mpls-4


©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-15

©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-14

©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-13

©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-5

©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-6

©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-3

©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-2

©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-7

©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-8

©Valérie Jardin - Chicago-1

Please leave a comment, merci! 🙂


19 thoughts on “From Minneapolis to Chicago

  1. A wonderful set of images. The one of the lady in the hallway, with the palms (mpls-10) makes me a little sad. Because at first, I thought she was dancing. Then, I realized she was probably just on her phone.
    I don’t know that I can pick a favorite, but if I did it’d probably be the one of the moving figure on the stairs (mpls-3). I’m not quite sure why, but I keep coming back to that one. It might be the contrast between the moving, transient figure and the clear, stable lines of the stairs. But how the sweeping lines of the stairs also compliments rather than contrasts with the moving figure. They’re different, even opposite, but still in harmony. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Valerie, after having spent a number of days practicing, I continue to be in awe of your impeccable skill in this genre. You never cease to amaze me. In the meantime, I will keep on practicing when the opportunity is there.

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