San Francisco, Dallas and a little break…

December started in San Francisco where I taught a street photography workshop and a few private sessions. Then I spent a couple of days with my son who is currently doing his doctorate studies in Northern California. I had such a great time and I can’t wait to go again in February!

The following week, I was off to Dallas for the last workshop of the year, followed by a presentation for Fujifilm US. I was a cold week in Dallas but I met lots of warm and friendly people. It was a fun time!

I’m home again and taking a short travel break. I am actually craving the idea of not having to pack for a while but I know that in just a couple of week I’ll be getting the travel bug again.

Here are few pics taken on the streets of San Francisco and Dallas this month. Some in B&W, others in color (and for obvious reasons I think).

Thank you for accompanying me on so many streets this year!

San Francisco

©Valerie Jardin ~ SF-4

©Valerie Jardin ~ SF-3

©Valerie Jardin ~ SF-7

©Valerie Jardin ~ SF-8

©Valerie Jardin ~ SF-2


©Valerie Jardin ~ Dallas-1

©Valerie Jardin ~ Dallas-2

©Valerie Jardin ~ Dallas-3

More news about #DoSomethingForNothing

The most rewarding projects I’ve done this year was documenting the work of my good friend Joshua Coombes on the streets of NYC in September. Josh and I published an ebook with the stories and photographs we collected during our week on the streets of New York. With the help of two great volunteers, Paul Vincent and Mel Rolleri, the ebook is now available for download here. Donations of any amount are appreciated to help Josh continue his beautiful project and bring love and compassion to new cities around the world. My goal is to continue to work with him as a team as much as possible when my schedule allows it. A first exhibit of the work is already in the planning stages for June 2018.

More exciting news! A new camera bag was also released as a Valérie Jardin signature limited edition by Cosyspeed in Germany. Proceeds for this limited edition bag go to a humanitarian project and I chose Josh and #DoSomethingForNothing to be the recipient. There are 200 New York gray sling/hip bags in this beautiful limited edition. With your help, we can sell out quickly!




13 thoughts on “San Francisco, Dallas and a little break…

  1. I can NOT believe that I didn’t know you were in Dallas (where I live) I would have loved to have met you and learned from you in person…hopefully you will return. Have a terrific 2018!


  2. How is it possible that your work keeps getting better and better? I have a feeling it’s the result of lots of hard work … but just the same, congratulations on this wonderful set. Joyeux noël to you and enjoy your travel break!

    Liked by 1 person

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