Winter Light

It’s been a very, very long and harsh winter in Minnesota… Several days of dangerous temperatures, turning into weeks. I can’t tell you how tired we all are of dealing with this. Having to worry about your eye lashes freezing shut as soon as you step outside the door gets old very quickly… So what is a photographer to do? Wait for the warmer days? Absolutely not! The visual muscles would weaken and deteriorate. You need to exercise them on a daily basis. I recently introduced you to ‘Photo antiquing’ in this post. I’ve visited a few more antique shops since then. But that’s not the only way I keep my creative soul happy between trips and projects. I also chase light and textures 🙂

I was visiting an artist studio for a purchase recently, but it was closed. Actually the entire building was deserted. The extreme cold tends to keep people inside. Not me… I can’t stay in for long, I go stir crazy!

Of course, I had my camera with me and I walked up the few floors of the old factory building and played with light for a few minutes. It wasn’t much, but enough to get a few warm images on a very cold day…

©Valerie Jardin - Mpls Winter Light-1

©Valerie Jardin - Mpls Winter Light-2

©Valerie Jardin - Mpls Winter Light-10

©Valerie Jardin - Mpls Winter Light-3

©Valerie Jardin - Mpls Winter Light-5


©Valerie Jardin - Mpls Winter Light-9

©Valerie Jardin - Mpls Winter Light-12

©Valerie Jardin - Mpls Winter Light-14

©Valerie Jardin - Mpls Winter Light-4


It’s this cold here… 😦


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16 thoughts on “Winter Light

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    • Lucky for me I can travel and teach anywhere at any time 😉 I would also like to point out that I would dislike the summer months in South Florida probably more that I dislike winter up here… Off to Cali next week!


  2. Oh I get the cabin fever feeling also – but at the opposite end of the scale. Summer temps over 45C day after day and nights around a cool 30C .
    Your images are lovely and belie the freezing temps. Maybe we can swap for 24hours? -:)

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