Tired of Winter

It’s March 31, it snowed again… I am SO tired of winter that I went to the conservatory at Como Park today. It was packed with people. All probably feeling the same way I do. I’ve been so busy in my office since I returned from Paris nearly two weeks ago. I’ve been catching up with emails, preparing for the spring workshops, setting up new webinars and writing… and neglecting my visual push ups 😦

I didn’t feel very inspired today so I put the Lensbaby Velvet 56 (creative manual focus lens) on my X-Pro2, set it on Classic Chrome and fought the crowd into the tropical greenhouse. I only stayed a few minutes, I don’t like crowds, but it was enough to make me feel that spring is indeed coming, even if it doesn’t feel like it today.

I’m not too interested in photographing pretty flowers, I like to play with light and shadows better. Here are a few pics of my Lensbaby adventure. I am waiting for the new Lensbaby Burnside 35 next week and I can’t wait to take it out. Those lenses are the perfect cure for days like today… Or any other day that you need to feed your creative vision!

©Valerie Jardin - Lensbaby Velvet and ClassicChrome-1

©Valerie Jardin - Lensbaby Velvet and ClassicChrome-2

©Valerie Jardin - Lensbaby Velvet and ClassicChrome-3

©Valerie Jardin - Lensbaby Velvet and ClassicChrome-5

©Valerie Jardin - Lensbaby Velvet and ClassicChrome-6

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