Normandy Street


I finished teaching my week-long Normandy workshop last week and took a week off immediately after. I never take time off, but this has been really good! I’ve been recharging my own batteries, catching up on sleep, enjoying not having to keep a schedule, etc. The Normandy workshop was so much fun. I really enjoyed sharing my home region with a small group of avid photographers. It’s always been a popular and much anticipated workshop, so much so that I just opened two more next year. The week was all about seeing photographically and story telling. Most photographers come on my workshops for the street photography aspect. During the week-long adventures I urge them to broaden their focus of interest and work on seeing outside the postcard and tell the visual story of their week. Of course, street photography is a huge component of all travel photography. Some may not think of Normandy as the place to shoot street. On the contrary, it offers a variety and challenge that most big cities do not have. From small town markets, to beaches and boardwalks, the opportunities are always there, it’s up to the photographer to see them.

Here are a few street pics from Honfleur to Mont Saint Michel and a few places in between… Join me for a photography adventure in Normandy in 2019!


I’m enjoying a few more weeks in Normandy, mostly on the coast. Some beach photography coming soon…

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