Normandy Details

No story would be complete without the little details of everyday life. Although most of my students attend my week-long workshops for the street photography aspect, I remind them constantly during the week to grab vignette shots along the way as well. When they return home, many will publish a coffee table book of their week in Normandy, Paris, Rome or Barcelona and those detail shots will link their story together. It’s part of the process of learning to see photographically and think like the editor of a travel magazine.

As you know, my favorite things to photograph are scenes of everyday life, in its candid form. But my photographer’s eye cannot ignore such little details as these…

Which to you prefer? (Click on the pics to see them larger)

All shot in Classic Chrome at 23mm with the Fujifilm X100F or the X-Pro2.

4 thoughts on “Normandy Details

  1. I believe it was Grant Peterson of Rivendell Bicycle Works in California who coined the term, “beausage.” It means, more or less, the beauty that is added to an object by the marks of long usage. The object no longer looks new but the patina of wear and useful employment of the object over time add beauty–so long as the object was well-made and worthy of use from the beginning. I’ve never been to Normandy but your photos bring to mind the idea of beausage. (The sea air certainly hastens the process.)


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