The Artist and The Space ~ Patricia

This week’s featured artist is another painter, her name is Patricia Canney. I met Patricia the same day I met Carl. Their studios are in the same building in Minneapolis. There is something very special and intimate about a painter’s studio. I really enjoyed my time photographing at Patricia’s on Saturday, she is such a delightful and warm person. I can’t wait to visit her again.

The series being more about the artist and their space than their art itself, please visit Patricia’s website to see her amazing work, her use of colors is simply stunning!

Visit the full project gallery on my website. I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks!


©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-35

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-7

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-17

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-14

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-12

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-15

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-25

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-6

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-24

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-27

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-19

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-18

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-13

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-2

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-10

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-9

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-21

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-4

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-3

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-1

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-36

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-33

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-32

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-31

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-30

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-26

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-29


Thank you for visiting! If you missed the first story in this series, simply click here

13 thoughts on “The Artist and The Space ~ Patricia

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  2. Absolutely awesome! A perfect collaboration of two talented artists showcasing their individual medium. Photographer and painter. Love this


  3. I am beginning to see (and especially admire) the discipline it takes to be an artist – you capturing your passion and them capturing theirs. I feel the quiet and the creative sense in your images. I love the artist’s series.


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