The Artist and The Space ~ Harriet

Harriet Bart is a world renowned conceptual artist. I had the privilege to visit her studio in Minneapolis a few days ago. Although this series is about the artist and the space, it’s impossible to dissociate Harriet’s work from the space because her studio is art! I was particularly drawn to her use of paper, books and words in her work. Listening to Harriet talk about her inspiration and the story behind each piece was fascinating. I stayed much longer than I had anticipated, I enjoyed our conversation so much, that I completely lost track of time. Please visit Harriet Bart’s website to learn more about her work and where to see it.

Here are some of the photographs from my visit. Do you have a favorite?

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-31

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-4

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-7

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-19

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-8

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-5

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-20

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-18

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-15

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-10

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-12

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-11

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-6

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-13

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-14

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-1

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-9

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-3

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-16

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-17

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-27

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-22

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-24

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-25

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-26

©Valerie Jardin - Harriet Bart-29

Thank you for visiting! You can also visit The Artist & The Space gallery on my website.

4 thoughts on “The Artist and The Space ~ Harriet

  1. I don’t like any of these, Valérie. I LOVE THEM! And I very much both admire your gift for making beautiful images, and your dedication to pursuing them.


  2. I’m kind of drawn to the stereo mounted slides. My grandfather had one of the Realist cameras and took hundreds of stereo images. But I also like the photos that emphasize patterns and textures.


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