6 Days in Havana

Well… It was more like 4 days in Havana and 2 days of travel but I LOVED every minute of Havana and I can’t wait to experience it again.

I left the week before Christmas, this trip was a present to myself, some much needed ‘me’ time with my camera. No teaching, no schedule, no internet… Pure photography fun. I joined my good friend David Julian at the end of his Cuba tour. This made everything so much easier for me as David knows Havana well and had booked my room in a Casa for my short visit. I spent the first couple of days hanging out with him and a small group of students, enjoyed some really cool cultural visits and learned a lot about the people and the culture. Then the following 2 days were just spent ‘getting lost on purpose’, meeting locals, hanging out inside old car repair or woodworking shops, meeting some rising stars in a boxing rink, walking into barber shops, etc. No plans, just chasing the light and letting serendipity do its thing. I can tell you one thing: I CANNOT WAIT to experience Cuba again!

I shot more B&W than color in Havana. Both have their place for different reasons but the choice is never random. I shot jpegs with the Fujifilm X100F in Classic Chrome and Acros.

I forgot to include some of my favorite shots in this video but I wanted to get it out there before I get on a plane again. I’m still working on the Havana Gallery on my website if you prefer to see stills without music 😉

But for now, please click the play button and DANCE!

Thank you for visiting. Please share a few words in the comment section. Cheers!

9 thoughts on “6 Days in Havana

  1. Beautiful images Valerie, the photo-film was great, and the music! I was in Cuba 23 years ago, unfortunately I hadn’t discovered street photography then, but it was the best holiday my wife and I have had.


  2. Beautiful Images Valerie. I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba. Some day I’ll have the opportunity. Great idea for a Christmas present for yourself…


  3. We are Penny and Ted Thomas, friends of Sheila Bodine. We traveled to Havana on the same trip but at a different time as Sheila, and we loved it too. Loved your photos. Couldn’t dance because I am rehabing a broken hip!
    Penny Thomas


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